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Blenders Juicers Filters

ISJ01 Iwell JuiceBuddy Slow Juicer

ISJ01 Iwell JuiceBuddy Slow Juicer

Cold Press Juicers (also known as slow juicers) use a unique method of extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables. Instead of using blades at high speeds (which can reduce a lot of the juiceís nutrient content) the Iwell JuiceBuddy squeezes and presses out the juice. This method of juicing retains the nutrients and enzymes in the juice, retaining the full flavour whilst producing alot more juice than a conventional juicer would.

Gives you more juice, saves you money!
The JuiceBuddy saves you money! This is because of the way it extracts the juice. Imagine a juicer with blades for a minute - it chops and grinds fruit and vegetables into tiny pieces then drains them through a strainer. With this method you end up with heaps of messy wet pulp which is annoying to clean. Because the JuiceBuddy presses out the juice from the fruit and vegetables using a thorough extraction method, you get heaps more juice. This means you donít have to put as much fruit in, which saves you money! The pulp is incredibly dry so you know youíre getting the most juice out of the fruit you can!

Cleaning is simple
Cleaning the JuiceBuddy couldnít be easier. Simply disassemble the parts in the reverse order you put them together. There are no blades so it's as easy as rinsing under warm water. If you wish to change fruits and donít want a crossover of flavour, just pour a jug of water through the top of the unit when it is running. This will flush out the unit ready for the next fruit!

Juice in the morning without waking up the house
The JuiceBuddy is incredibly quiet. This is ideal for those who want to juice in the mornings and don't want to create a ruckus for the rest of the family. Operating on a small 80 rotations per minute the JuiceBuddy creates less than half the noise a conventional juicer would.

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